The Thing About Having A Lot Of Kids I Didn’t Mention…

A while back I talked about what it is like having six kids. Which I feel a little silly writing about in the first place because I know plenty of other families that have the same amount of children, and several that have more.  But big picture having more than 3 kids is out ofRead more

A Few Thoughts On Racism In America

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The world feels volatile. If you had asked me 5 years ago if the United States were a racist country I would have said no. Of course there are always the few and the proud stuck in some delusional world of superiority, but by and large I would have said no, it’s not. Today inRead more

So, what do we say to our children?

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By: Holly In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election I keep seeing the same question posted all over cyber space by democrats and never-Trumpers alike, ” What do we say to the children?” or ” I don’t know what to say to my kids?” Anyone who has been paying attention to the election knowsRead more

Judge Not: Thoughts On Judgment In The Family Of God

By: Holly This is my first blog post where I’m attempting to dive into subject-matter that is more specific to our Christian readers. Not that it isn’t for everyone, but I’m coming from a place where I may speak some Christianese that someone who is unfamiliar with the bible or the culture may feel a little lostRead more

Finding Equality

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When I was in the 8th grade I decided to try my hand at feminist activism. My middle school physical education class was particularly sexist in our biannual fitness testing. Naturally fit and reasonably athletic, it offended my spirit that the girls were required to achieve lower standards than the boys. I was indignant, afterRead more

Beyond The Ballot

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I had not really intended to write about the political goings on of our nation right now. After all I’m not an expert, talking head, or political pundit. I’m not grossly involved in politics, so I don’t necessarily feel qualified to expound on my opinions or try to convince everyone in the blogosphere of whatRead more

A Marriage that Heals

I didn’t really think I was damaged when I got married. In fact I felt really grown up, ready, and fully confident in my ability to forge ahead into marital bliss. Something happens though when you are separated from your “normal” and put into a situation where you have to create a new “normal” withRead more