How To Annoy Your Husband

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I’m not really an expert at anything. I once had a lady tell me that she could do a hundred things with great mediocrity; I know the feeling. But there is one thing that I do believe I have mastered and it is this: how to annoy your husband.   It’s very difficult to be aRead more

7 Great Parenting Hacks For An Easier Life

  It would be an understatement to say that parenting is a tough job, but there are plenty of  ” hacks” out there that can help make it a little more cut and dry. I don’t claim to be the authority on parenting, but I’ve done quite a bit of babysitting, worked as a nannyRead more

The Experience Of A Highly Dysfunctional Clothes Shopper

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By: Holly Not every woman is going to relate to this post, but for those of you who do my heart goes out to you. Truly. I hate clothes shopping. It’s ridiculous. If clothing was simply meant to keep you safe from the elements and keep your elements, well, safe – it would be noRead more

Gardening Advice From A Novice Gardener

By: Holly I don’t know very much about gardening, but I have visions of creating a beautiful cottage style oasis of vegetable goodness.  Rows of carrots and lettuces, natural branch archways cascading with climbing beans and vines of lovely little tomatoes. Stalks of sweet corn standing tall with silk blowing in the breeze that sweepsRead more

Confession: I Hate Cleaning

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By: Holly I hate cleaning. There, I said it. It sucks. It’s the worst. It’s the lemon juice to my paper cut. The Miley Cyrus to my ears. The McDonald’s to my stomach. The face of Donald Trump to my eyes. The- you get the picture… The conundrum is, I like a clean house. WhenRead more

The Olympics : You Too Can Be A Champion

By: Holly Ah, the 2016 summer Olympics, a time to sit in amazement at the amazing physical feats performed by the world’s’ greatest athletes. When I watch the Olympics I always think back about my own fleeting youth and how I use to think that I might swim in them one day. I loved toRead more

So, What’s it like? Having six kids?

By: Holly I always knew I wanted to have a lot of kids, but I wasn’t really sure what that actually meant. What was ” a lot of kids” ?   When I was pregnant with our 4th I found out that to the standard make and model of American, four kids was the threshold one crossed toRead more

How To Be Pregnant: A Comprehensive Guide for First Time Moms

  Congratulations! You have successfully conceived your first baby! Now what do you do? Having been down this road a few times myself I’m almost qualified to give medical advice. In fact, here in Wisconsin I could even legally deliver your baby for you in spite of having no formal training ! (  My scheduleRead more